Donna Beasley

Donna Beasley

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My Mission is to Help You Write Your First Children's Book

From Passion to Purpose
I was shopping for books for my 5-year-old niece’s birthday. I went to four downtown bookstores and not one of them had a book with a child of color. No cultural diversity on these shelves. I was shocked by this and decided to do something about it. I believe every child should see themselves, their family, their culture and their community in the pages of a book.

Right then, standing in the aisles of Barnes & Noble, I got bit by the storytelling bug. I vowed to write stories that shared my culture. There was just one problem, I didn’t know how to write a children’s story. Heck, it had been two decades since I was even in school.

So I understand what you’re going through. I have walked in your shoes, struggling to make a story work. I’ve written a ton of stories that fizzled out until I started taking writing and storytelling classes. Some were fantastic and some were a waste of money. I have read and studied over 50 books on the craft of writing and publishing. I even went back to school and got a writing degree.

I started writing picture books telling stories from my culture that were important to me. I call it culture-add. My first story was Kason’s Kite, about the bond between a father and son. I know several single dads and it was a way to honor that bond. You rarely see Black fathers and sons in a book.

When I wanted to write my first novel, I started working with a writing coach. It was one of the best decisions I made. With her guidance I was able to write the first draft of my middle-grade adventure novel.

Creating diversity in children’s books is not a one-woman job. That’s why, I am on a mission to help writers just like you tell their story and share their culture! It’s a movement to write and publish stories that inspire a love of reading in our children and a sense of pride in the storytelling.

Do you want to write a children’s story that reflects your culture?
I love helping moms just like you achieve their writing dream. Click the button, book your children’s book clarity call today, and you’ll get the chance to speak with me directly about how we can turn your idea into a children’s story you’ll love.

Donna Beasley

Multicultural Writing and Self-Publishing Coach

After discovering the need for diversity in children’s books, Donna decided to become an expert in the one area that matter more to her than anything else; helping mothers tell their story and share their culture in a children’s book. She earned a master’s degree in Writing For Children at Vermont College of Norwick University and began writing stories that reflected her culture. Now, she’s on a mission to help mothers and grandmothers discover their passion for storytelling and achieve their goal of becoming a published author.

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